Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the fastest growing industries in outdoor projects and the technological advancements are even furthering the popularity. We are proud to be affiliated with Vista Landscape Lighting whom are considered one of the top distributors on the market. They have an abundance of options, great warranties, and affordable package deals available.

Outdoor lighting will showcase the beauty of homes, accent outdoor areas, add a sense of security, illuminate walkways, pillars, walls, patios, pools, even trees.  There's 3 main types; wall lights, path lights, and spread lights. They come in all different sizes, angles, degrees, shapes, brightness'es and colors.   The possibilities are endless.

At MRG Landscaping we have the experience to properly install outdoor lighting and the software to design it before hand.  We offer 2D/3D visuals so the customer has an accurate representation of there project.

Featured on this page is our Vista Landscape Lighting projects.  The custom glass blown lights are made by Stone Manor Lighting out of Malibu, CA